Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 2-Strange Planet

We are very thankful for our apartment that has been arranged for us during our year here. There are some really amazing things about it like the hole in the bottom of the sink where you can put food in and it disappears. This has to be the best thing about Strange Planet so far. What a brilliant invention. We try all types of food and it just chops it up and disappears. Shad is amazed as he has never seen anything like it before. "Look mom at the eggshells going down!" Shae thinks it is hilarious to put in long spaghetti and see it spin around and fly out and hit the refrigerator.

The strangest thing about the apartment, however, is the soft stuff we walk on. I'm used to cleaning my terracotta flour several times a day from food, dirt, dog hair or dust. I love the way it shines after I put cera on it. Here, however, everything disappears into the soft stuff. It's been 10 days without cleaning (no vacuum cleaner yet) and it looks the same as when we moved in. I'm tempted to think we aren't dropping anything and have morfed into a clean family but then I watch one of my sons eat. I'm suddenly grossed out. How much stuff has accumulated beneath our feet in ten days? What a strange thing to put on the floor.....

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  1. Shandra... just did a little reading on your blog. I love seeing and hearing from you how the re-entry process is going. I can definitely identify with you on some of these things after 3 months in the US this summer. It definitely is a Strange Planet. Praying for you guys and missing you here in Italia.