Monday, August 16, 2010

Sleepless Nights

I'm awake at 2:00. Not jet lag. Something else but can't put my finger on it. Just sad I guess. Summer nights in Italy were divine. I listen to Max Gazze'-Mentre Dormi and dream of running away to one of my favorite places in Italy. I should be on the beach. It is August, after all, and I need to fortify my body with the minerals of the Mediterranean to stay healthy through the winter. All sorts of things come to mind that I can't mention to escape the grief I feel. Still not taking the secret stash of prescription drugs my friend Laura sent with me. Tempting though. Sean keeps saying that he is more worried about the non-prescription drugs. Guess I'll settle for melatonin and try to go back to sleep.


  1. As you can see i have tried to post here several times, creating multiple google accounts, and have finally figured it out I hope. I wanted you to know we are thinking of you and sending good vibes your way! 1)no shopping at super walmart. stay out of that place. 2) find your farmers market, or even a whole foods or trader joes. Don't deny yourself your own grief over this process either, lean into those feelings like we used to have to lean into the wind when crossing the campus at MSU during those white out blizzards in college.... Love you!

  2. Great mental picture! I will so use that on the rough days! Love you too. Wish we were closer. I think Florida is just so uninspiring...NO trader joes but I did find a vegetable stand today that gave me hope. Love you too!

  3. Ask around, Shandra. There is supposed to be a pretty good Farmer's Market in Winter Park. Winter Park and Maitland, as a whole, are much more inspiring and enjoyable than Orlando proper. I also went through a tough time of feeling uninspired when we moved to Orlando. It just takes time and a bit of work to find places there that refresh you. Praying you find them for yourself and your family!