Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Elfi (friend from Italy) asked if the fact that I haven't been blogging has to do with the fact that I'm doing better. The answer is no, but it is complicated, like most things in my life. I can't really answer no or yes. I guess the best answer is the one I gave my mom when she asked how I was doing recently. I happened to be looking at the transition chart I've posted on my refrigerater and I said, "Mom according to the transition chart I'm doing great, getting straight "A"'s in fact. " Straight "A"'s because I basically could check off everything listed during the cultural transition period: emotionally unstable, judgemental, critical, disconnected, identity crises, low emotional reserve, stessed, depressed. All normal expected emotions during this time.

The other thing that has happened is that there are hurricanes here. I'm not talking about the ones that come from the sea, accompany rain and wind and cut off the electricity, but this whirlwind of activity that the people from strange planet are swept up in and well it got us too. Why is it that there is so much running around. Chickens with no heads come to mind. We do have teenagers and when you add the craziness of soccer.....everyday.... well that is enough in and of itself. Now in Italy soccer was more than a sport, it was a part of their DNA. But even there we didn't have practice everyday and never during the dinner hour when you were supposed to be eating with your family. Which again brings me to my ongoing biggest struggle here, not only what am I supposed to feed my family but when can I feed my family all together.


  1. Hi Shandra (and Sean)! I was so excited to see you guys highlighted in the NW 1/4ly, saw the blog link, and had to pay a little visit. We went to Lake Hart in 2005-6 (LH7).
    Our kids were younger than yours when we went (10, 8, 6, 4), so we didn't perhaps experience the same kind of family disjointedness that you're experiencing. And we knew that we were going back to Japan, so even though our re-entry shock was real, it wasn't accompanied with the same sense of "future limbo" that you might be feeling.
    Anyway, I hope that your family's experience at LH12 will help you guys to sort through your losses in having left Italy, as well as give you time to figure out how to be replanted in the country that's supposed to be familiar and cozy, but probably isn't yet! And I hope you enjoy our special friend, Hiroko, who's there also (we started a trend of JCCC staff going to LHS every year!).
    Blessings to you all!
    Cam (and Kristen) Caughlan

  2. Thanks for writing Kristen. Good to hear from you! I look forward to getting to know Hiroko. She just arrived so I haven't had chance yet but I hear she is a riot.

  3. Went out with Hiroko last night Kristen. She is really a blast and I know we will enjoy each other.